Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Posing during a Disney Run.

It can be extremely hard to pose for a picture when you are running and sweat is pouring from your head. On top of that I am not at all photogenic, so even though I really wanted a nice photo I didn't think I would get one. But I ended up getting tons of nice photos during my 10k and even a few really nice ones during my half marathon. Thanks to Disney's amazing photo team and a few helpful tips, you can get some amazing photos too. I hope this helps!

1. The reason why I got more pics on the 10k was because it was an easier run for me and I was able to keep a look out for the photographers. So do yourself a favor, train for your run! The easier the run is for you the more aware you will be of your surrounds to spot the camera people.

2. Don't stop to get your picture taken, unless you take a picture with a character on the side lines. If your running pass one of the camera members just look at them and smile, slow down your pace, but keep a decent speed. If you stop someone running behind you is probably looking at the camera guy and well run into you. The camera staff is amazing at getting pics of you in motion, trust they can get one. In all my pictures I am on the move.

3. Even tho it does feel extremely weird to pose for a picture when you are running. Do it!! Who knows when you will get the opportunity to run a Disney run again. You trained for it, you want the pictures. Hold that smile, that wave, that thumbs up, no matter how weird it feels.  Strike that pose!

4. Dress up for some fun pictures! If you want you can wear you regular running gear. But whats the fun in that!? I recommend dressing up as a theme character or your favorite character to get some extra special pictures.

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